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To help those who don’t have the resources, means or abilities to transcend their own suffering.


A united global community that works together as one to unleash our collective potential in solving the multiple challenges affecting our entire human family.




Everyone has a path worthy of who they are and who they want to be. When we find that path and allow it to consume the entirety of our being, that is the secret to a life filled with joy, meaning and purpose.

That path will be fraught with challenges and adversity, but that is not a bad thing. Fearvana was born to help people find the gift in that struggle, which is why we call our chosen path a worthy struggle.

​Fearvana is a global movement to help people do three things:

​Find, live and love their worthy struggle.

​In doing so, we seek to awaken the inner legend that lives within us, so that we may all live a life of boundless bliss.

The heartbreaking, unfortunate reality is that there are many in our human family who don’t have the luxury to seek out or choose their own path.

​The Fearvana Foundation exists to serve these marginalized communities and support them in rising above their suffering so that they may gain the freedom, resources, means and abilities to live their own version of a life of boundless bliss.

We work with communities such as:

  • Victims of sex-trafficking
  • People with no food or water
  • Kids with no access to education
  • Refugees
  • People trapped by poverty
  • People who have undergone severe trauma
  • And others who fight to survive while living on the fateful frontiers of life and death every single day…

Why we are



100% of all donations will go directly to the people that need it.


100% transparency that allows donor get to see the impact their philanthropy is making.


Our partners are vetted and proven agents of change, dedicated to our mission.


In collaboration with our partners, we are committed to verifying and measuring the impact of our solutions.


We co-create solutions with our partners allowing everyone involved to become part of the process of global transformation.


We ensure sustainable change by preserving the unique cultural and societal forces involved within our global solutions.


We include donors in the entire process so that they get to be genuine heroes in the lives of the people we serve together.


We empower and enable leaders in their communities to support the causes that most need out help, giving us the means to amplify our collective impact.